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Video Series – The Reporter Calls! Now What?

Lots of people dream about getting media coverage, but they’re too afraid of actually speaking on camera to go for it. Don’t be!

In this video I share some insights into things to consider when that producer or reporter calls. How should you handle it? What should you say? Should you be worried? The answer is “no,” but watch to find out why.

Video Series – Identifying Your Media Angle

So, who decides to start shooting videos while 8 months pregnant?

This lady, that’s who!

As a firm believer in making things happen, I decided not to put off until “tomorrow” what could be done today. So here we are.

I love working with small businesses. Over the last five years of running my own business, I have had the opportunity to work with many different types of small businesses, and I have found so much pleasure in helping them build their businesses through effective PR and marketing. Whether it’s gaining exposure through media relations or helping them articulate their messages about who they are and what they do, when another business succeeds, I get excited!

This week I’m talking about helping you to identify your media angle. Before you can draft a media release, you need to have an angle, a story that will resonate with the media and their audiences.

So have a watch and let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and as always, I’m happy to answer any questions, so get in touch!


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